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Renntech C74 Fitted with Akrapovic Exhaust for C63 AMG
by ruben (RSS feed) November 24th, 2010 at 8:30 pm
It is a must to view the video mentioned earlier that has almost a live soundtrack and shows a short burnout performance of the vehicle. You can see and feel the drive of it!

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is a great car and RENNtech, an American aftermarket specialist, has come up last month with an equally great modification kit – the ‘C74′. A new exhaust from Akrapovic has a video presentation that shows the potential of their creation that has a 43 pound/19.5kg reduction in weight. The titanium Akrapovic exhaust of the Power War fighter gives a torque output of 12HP and 16lb-ft/21.7Nm to boost!

The modifications with the new exhaust included in the C74 pack are Full Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit, Front Splitter, Rear Spoiler, and Rear Diffuser integrated Exhaust Tips. It also has Nitto INVO Performance Tires, 275 / 30 / CR 19 for the Front and 305 / 25 / CR 20 for the Rear, mounted on 19 x 9.5″ Front and 20 x 10.5″ Rear – Signature 3 Piece Forged Aluminum Wheels, respectively. That’s for the exterior.

For vehicle performance modification it will be the following: RENNtech ECU / TCU Software Upgrades; Carbon Fiber Airbox and High Performance Air Filters; Custom Air Inlet Panel; 82mm Throttle Bodies; Modified Ported and Polished Cylinder Heads with Upgraded Camshafts with Stainless Steel Headers. Add to that Sound and Performance Pipes, Fully Adjustable Sports Suspension, 100% Locking LSD, Stage 3 Braking Package, Fully Adjustable Sports suspension and Carbon Fiber front and rear stabilizer braces.

01 amg ducati partners 597x398 Is AMG considering full takeover of Ducati?

Want to feel what it’s like to drive on a racetrack? Well then, suit yourself… up. For every purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicle, you will have an exclusive opportunity to race a real AMG car on a real racetrack, compliments of Mercedes-Benz and their dedicated tuning company AMG. Their main aim is to make owners aware of what their new car is truly made of, and what it is capable of outside of public roads.
This new perk of owning a Mercedes-Benz AMG car will start in the U.S. as early as on the first day of January next year. It comprises one full day of an adrenaline pumping track program that will teach owners the basics dynamics of performance driving. No less than AMG’s expert driving instructors will take you on an AMG Driving Academy learning coarse to teach you the basics of handling your car through custom mid and high speed exercises that’ll span the entire length of the race track.
The new program by Mercedes-Benz USA comes in time for the world debute of the 2012 CLS63 AMG, as well as the christening of Lime Rock Park as the third track to accommodate a new AMG Driving Academy season.

zonda2spy6 597x376 I opener: AMG ends all speculations on Pagani C9s powerplant
Sometimes, you just have to nip expectations or speculations in the bud to tame people’s over-excitement down before they grow out of proportion. Otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of disappointed fans out there who’ll be less than interested in your new toys. That is why both Mercedes-Benz and Pagani decided to make it clear to everyone out there that no—the up-and-coming Pagani C9′s V12 engine will have absolutely nothing to do with the current V12 that’s rocking the SL65 AMG Black Series. Although it’s AMG that is solely responsible for developing the engine that’s going to rid each and everyone of the Pagani C9′s competition, the tuner was quite steadfast saying that the engine they’re working on was something borne out of a Mercedes engine, and not necessarily something similar.
To end all rumors, AMG says the V12 that resides under the Black Series’ hood is capable of 670hp and 730lb-ft. That motor is a hyped up version of the V12 that’s powering the base SL65 AMG. The engine that’s screaming from behind the C9′s cockpit? That’s not the same engine, or any derivative of the aforementioned engines whatsoever. It’s totally different, and that is where their statement ends? So we’re all pretty much left guessing what it really is. But does it really matter once you’re inside the C9?


Future Concept Vehicles
Iranian Engineer Designs Extreme off-road Mercedes Concept
Holy Crap this looks like a Mars Exploration Unit!

Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi, a renowned engineer from Iran, has let his imagination loose and created a Mercedes-based Hexawheel concept. It is an extreme off-road automobile that a flexible frame and six wheels layout with Mercedes-Benz design.

The concept vehicle caters to the discerning needs of individuals who need to travel to extremely difficult conditions and treacherous terrains. There’s more to the concept than just an eccentric design. Hexawheel features a flexible frame that provides it with a massive 46 cm ground clearance enabling it to conquer large obstacles with ease.

Dehkordi’s vehicle shape reflects symmetrical angular shapes. Further, it uses a complex hydraulic system for vehicle operation which involves a diesel engine attached to a flexible hydraulic power transmission system.

The all-wheel drive concept has a total length of 4.8 m featuring two wheelbases with a length of 0.95 m each. Ironically, the extreme Hexawheel concept is inspired from the associated structure of an insect’s body. Yes, you read that right. Consequently, the vehicle’s weight can be evenly distributed among its three axles.

The creator, a 35 year old Mechanical Engineer, is an employee of the Iranian car company Saipa-Zamyad. This is not the first time he has come under limelight. Earlier in 2008, his Ferrari Zobin design was well received and was viewed more than 16,000 times online.

You heard it hear first,at New Car Guild! No Bullshit just the straight facts!


Corvette lovers roar into Atlantic City for Convention Center event

ATLANTIC CITY When John Casadia first laid eyes on a 1959 Corvette, he knew he had to have one. It only took him 45 years to get it.

“It was out of sight, of course, to a high school kid,” said Casadia,of Mayfair

Court in Vineland. “Then you go to college and you can’t afford it. Then you get married, and you can’t afford it. Then you get a house. ...

But when the former Vineland High School girls swim coach retired, it was time to’Vette up

I wanted one from this particular era,” Casadia said of his ’59 model. “I bought it sight unseen. I drove it for six months, then I started restoring it.”

To this day, he said, “I drive it all over. I even drove it here.”

Here, of course, was the second annual “Strictly Corvette” show at the Atlantic City Convention Center, where ’Vette lovers from across the country have come together to celebrate the legendary Chevrolet sports car in all its forms.

Even with that kind of requirement, there are about 200 vendors at this year’s show, including the Corvettes Unlimited

club from Vineland, sharing the 300,000 square feet of space with about 275 Corvettes.

 The Corvette has been with us for 50-plus years, making it the subject of an ongoing development program that few cars can match. Performance is formidable in the basic coupe, and improves with the new Grand Sportoption package. For the money, there is no better blend of style and speed.Base Price: $49,880 $107,830